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PH Govt and TelCos to send official SMS during emergencies

I’m glad that the Philippine Govt and the major TelCos have decided to send out text messages during emergencies to ensure that the “raining radiation hoax” won’t happen again.


PH govt gets into the BF/BSP issue

Did someone have to kill himself first before the govt step into this whole BF vs. BSP mess?.

Can an Internet-savvy Philippines Politician promise better internet for all?

As a Filipino Internet user, I wish a Philippine politician/group would promise what the Canadian Democratic Party did.

  • We will apply the proceeds from the advanced wireless spectrum auction to ensure all Canadians, no matter where they live, will have quality high-speed broadband internet access;
  • We will expect the major internet carriers to contribute financially to this goal;
  • We will rescind the 2006 Conservative industry-oriented directive to the CRTC and direct the regulator to stand up for the public interest, not just the major telecommunications companies;
  • We will enshrine “net neutrality” in law, end price gouging and “net throttling,” with clear rules for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), enforced by the CRTC;
  • We will prohibit all forms of usage-based billing (UBB) by Internet Service Providers (ISPs);
  • We will introduce a bill on copyright reform to ensure that Canada complies with its international treaty obligations, while balancing consumers’ and creators’ rights.

Ferdinand Marcos: fake hero, real HR violator

I agree with these educators that Marcos was no war hero. His army story was proven a lie, and his Human Rights violations were proven true. End. Of. Story.

Imelda Marcos to repay P 12M

Imelda Marcos was found to have stolen PHP 10M from the NFA 28 years ago. Return it all (plus 2M for moral damages) in 30 days.

No reports on whether she’ll get any jailtime for stealing…

My concerns regarding NTC getting more powers

Govt Web Control

I hope I’m wrong…


The basic needs before the Freedom of Information Bill

I agree with PNoy not considering the Freedom of Information Bill as a priority because there are bigger problems in the Philippines that should be tackled first.

If you take a look at the LEDAC Meeting notes, the prioritized bills look like it was chosen based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Continue reading

Down with SIM Card registration bill

SIM card

“Hell is full of good intentions or desires.”
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

The Registration for prepaid SIM cards Bill, if approved by the Philippines Congress, is just begging to be abused by both the government sector and crime syndicates.

Although the intention of this bill is pretty obvious and admirable, we also need to look into the possibility that this won’t work at all. Let’s take a look at how the bill says it will be done:

Continue reading

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