The case of the organ harvesting of kidnapped children

This is NSFW.

Just as the Philippines had just been bamboozled out of its mind regarding the radioactive rain hoax, we may have another one coming. And this time it’s going through social networks, especially Facebook.

If you are squeamish then it would be best not to go on, if you want to know more then go ahead.

Picture of alleged child, kidnapped, killed, then organs sold

People on Facebook are spreading the picture above with details saying the following:

  • Someone is kidnapping children, killing them, and then harvesting their organs.
  • The vehicle used for kidnapping is a white van.

Before we panic, it’s best we investigate whether the picture is real. If it is true, then the following conditions should all be present:

  • The picture is recent (from 2010 to present).
  • The picture should come only from the Philippines.
  • The story should be consistent with the picture.

I used Tineye to trace where the picture has appeared and this is my result. I’ll just take one of those links and filter them through the conditions above. If you go to this link, you’ll see the following:


As you can probably see, the words are in Arabic, most likely this forum is from the Middle East. The date of the post is 9-25-2007. And if you translate the words in the forum post, it’ll be something like this:

Something unbelievable

Or devoid of all emotions

This is reasonable,,,

And believe God for Aakad

Hunger makes a reasonable or kill her son to eat

And this motive, which did not hesitate when it put the knife to his neck

Hspenaallah and the agent to this point, hunger is an infidel and the lose of his humanity

Heart-rending images,

God, even cats and dogs have their share in Allah bestowed upon us by the

We’re seeing at this time very strange things

Give thanks to God yes, my dear,

If I translated it correctly, the story goes like this:

A mother goes hungry, then she kills and eats her son.

Now let’s filter this through the conditions above:

  • Is this picture recent? (2010 to present) No. It is from Sept. 2007.
  • Is this picture from the Philippines? No. The picture may have come from the Middle East.
  • Is the story consistent with the picture? No. The older picture has a different story from the one in the Philippines.

Therefore, I say that the picture circulated in Facebook is fake. Now, whether the kidnapping and organ harvesting is happening, it is up to the police to find out.

Update: This news happened before in 2008, using the same story and even the same colored van.

Update 2: Here’s a video of GMA 7’s coverage of the same event

Update 3: Here’s a the videos of the coverage Part 1 Part 2

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