Free: Energy, Software, and World

My wish is to see in my lifetime is free energy powering free software in a free world.

Free Software: more than just the free price

Right now all I can have is Free Software since it costs nothing to use it (if you don’t count the electric and Internet bill that is). I’ve decided to use Trisquel-Slaine GNU/Linux because it is on par with Ubuntu’s latest release: Maverick. It is Linux blob-free and uses less proprietary software than Canonical’s Ubuntu. I’ve also implemented a Mono Apt-pin to ensure that I won’t accidentally download an application that depends on it. I’m thinking of a way to get a totally free hardware/BIOS (via Leemote Yeelong laptop) for my computing needs. As usual this needs money…sigh.

Free Energy: possible NOW

I’m still on the planning stages of getting solar panels for my house. I live in the tropics where there’s a LOT of sun at Summer (good for solar energy) and winds during the typhoon season (wind energy time) so I think we’re in a good position to get a lot out of it. It’s a great thing that my wife has a client that supplies and installs solar panels in the Philippines; now all I need to do is get a list of pricing and earn enough money to get them installed.

Free World: bit by bit

A free world is what most of us would like to see. Although we are more free now than in the past centuries, there’s still a lot to be taken care of. Focusing on how to make the lives of the people closest to me free would be my first step. Right now all the kids and the wife (when she’s working at home) is using Trisquel and viewing the Internet from a free point of view without even knowing it. The boys are still hooked on Facebook because “all their friends are on it.” I hope they will discover or Diaspora in the near future. My little girl can play educational games using free software. My wife on the other hand has no social network connection…so I guess she’s in the clear on that aspect.

I’ll be documenting my journey towards my goals in this blog as well.

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